You and the Earth

Seminar Description

This is the latest seminar from the growing your relationship series and a pre-requisite for DNA4

Earth is always trying to communicate with us, but do we really listen? 

There is an energy that is moving back and forth between us and the Earth. This class was designed to teach ThetaHealing® Practitioners to better understand this energy and how to interact with it to bring about bring changes to the Earth.   This seminar will allow you to bring more positive changes into your life, enhance your intuitive abilities and move forward in your life. 

You will learn:

  • Communicate with the Earth’s energy

  • Obtain knowledge and wisdom from the Earth and nature all around you

  • Work in harmony with the Earth to bring about changes in your life now

  • Listen to the music of water

  • Clear deeply held programmes that hold you back from living your life

  • Better understand how to make the right decisions to move forward in your life

  • Use the natural rhythms of you and Earth to enhance your intuition


Seminar Information

Duration: 2 Days

Prerequisites: ThetaHealing® Basic DNA, ThetaHealing® Advance DNA and ThetaHealing® Dig Deeper

Includes: Manual and refreshments

Manual and refreshments - you and earth.jpg.png


20-21 July 2019, London

9am - 5pm


Course Investment

Total Seminar Fee: £495

Deposit to be paid at registration: £100
*Please note: the deposit is non-refundable & non-transferable

Seminar Fees: £395

All seminar fees must be paid 14 calendar days prior to the beginning of the seminar