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What is the ThetaHealing® Technique?

The ThetaHealing® meditation technique was created by Vianna Stibal in 1995 during her own personal journey back to health.  Her original book details her personal healing journey and her connection to the Creator utilising her meditation technique.


ThetaHealing® is a meditation technique and spiritual philosophy with the purpose of connecting with the energy of pure unconditional love.  The beauty of ThetaHealing® is that it is an all-encompassing technique which is inclusive of all religious views and cultures.  This meditation technique trains your mind, body and soul to clear limiting beliefs and live life with positive and empowering thoughts to create a positive lifestyle.


The ThetaHealing® technique is used in conjunction with conventional medicine to create a state of well-being.  It teaches how to connect to one's own natural intuition and inner guidance to empower individuals to create profound changes in physical and mental well-being. 

In ThetaHealing® our philosophy is to live, train and coach others how to achieve a better life through the pure essence of love.  This technique allows us to work with the Creator of All That is to help attain harmony in our mind, body and soul.  ThetaHealing® is known for the concept of the 7 Planes of Existence.  Using this concept, the practitioner uses this meditation technique to connect with a higher power of their own belief and commands for an empowering change for the client’s highest and best good.


To learn more about the ThetaHealing® technique, visit www.thetahealing.com

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What can this help me with?

+ Moving forward in your life

Do you find yourself stuck in a rut, unable to move forward?

Have you been striving to achieve something but always find yourself falling short? Always second best? Nope? Third best? No? Don’t worry you are in the right place, keep on reading…

This is a highly effective therapy that delves deep into your subconscious thoughts, feelings and self-sabotaging patterns. Through a series of questions you be be guided to identify the core issue and to clear the blocks preventing you from attaining your goals. By working on such a deep level, you will be able to break free from these disruptive patterns allowing you to achieve your goals.

Imagine what it would be like to achieve your goals without having to endure the hardship and suffering. Take a moment to truly imagine what your life would be like if you had the perfect job, relationship or whatever you desire.

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+ Break free from destructive patterns

Do you ever notice how some patterns in your life keep repeating? Perhaps in a slightly different way?

Are you going from one bad relationship to the next? Or a job? Or a test?

Do people in your life often remind you that you aren’t quite good enough, pretty enough, cleaver enough? do you wonder if you will ever be enough just as you are?

Are you being heard? Or over looked?

This could be because the beliefs and patterns we generate though our experiences in childhood can have a lasting impact on our entire lives.

We are constantly absorbing information from our surroundings. As babies, we learn by observing our parents, siblings and those who are around us. We instinctively pick up on the emotions and patterns of the people around us which can shape our own thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

For example, if you were ever told as a child that you have to work hard in order to be rewarded, you may notice that everything in life always seems to be a struggle. You may even use this as motivation to keep you moving forward in life.

But what if there was another way? What if there was an easier and maybe even more joyful way?

In a ThetaHealing® session, the practitioner will guide you to the core of the issue, release the destructive beliefs and patters. You will shift into a more positive mind-set where, you will be able to make better choices, decisions and start attracting the right people and situations that support you in achieving your goals.

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+ Letting go of negativity

Once you have identified and understood the core of the issue, it is far easier to let go of the negativity surrounding it. You no longer have a reason to be weighed down by the hurtful people, situations or experiences allowing you to move forward in your life with greater ease.

During the session you will gain clarity and focus on what is truly important and what action steps you may need to take. All of which will empower you to make the right choices and decisions for YOU.

You will be ready to reclaim your confidence, power and start living YOUR life! Without limitations.

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+ Shift your mind-set

The philosophy in ThetaHealing® is to live a better life through the pure essence of love. The aim of the session is to leave you in a better state than when you arrive.

The moment you embrace a more positive mind-set is the moment the world of possibilities expands. You may already be familiar with the Law of Attraction. As Albert Einstein says “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions”.

I wonder what possibilities are waiting to be claimed by YOU?

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+ Which specific areas can this help me with?

Our mind, body and soul are all interconnected. Even modern medicine acknowledged this which is why we have medical doctors, psychologists, social workers, psychiatrists, chiropractors, dentists and so on.

We already know that too much stress can lead to health problems. Similarly, issues affecting health can also be linked to financial issues or love or another area of your life.

This technique can help you transform a variety of different areas of your life including love, financial, relationships, business, career, health, confidence and wellness. This is by no means an exhaustive list.

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What to expect during a session

In a ThetaHealing® Session, the practitioner will connect to the energy of creation and go into a Theta brainwave meditation.  Through a series of questions, the practitioner will work with the you to discover what challenges and/or blocks are preventing you from living the life you desire.  Through the energy of creation, the practitioner will work with the you to clear these challenges and/or blocks and empower you with positive beliefs.


Do I need to prepare for a ThetaHealing® session?

There is no real preparation, however there are a couple of recommendations.  Be present and open to possibilities, ensure you are well hydrated before the session (it is recommended you drink one litre of water prior to the session), relax and be prepared for a transformation.

 It is recommended you refrain from using any non-prescription medication (vitamins and legal herbal remedies are ok) and drinking alcohol at least 48 hours prior to the session.


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