The Secret of Happiness, Fun and Success

Are you tired of being held back in your life?  Are you done with waiting for the right time, the right circumstances, the right people or the right opportunities?  Well, I’ve been there, done that and failed miserably to get the results I desired.  After years of life experience, self-development and a great desire to change my life I have finally figured out the key to unlocking this conundrum.


With these 3 simple steps you will learn to love, value, respect yourself and appreciate yourself.  Once you have mastered these step, you will radiate confidence, grace and success, all the while having a whole heap of fun!


Step 1: Always remember that you are uniquely amazing and remember to celebrate it! 

Take a moment every day to acknowledge all your achievements no matter how insignificant they may appear to be.   By focusing on your successes, you engage with the Law of Attraction and will invite more successes into your life.


Most of us have been taught from very early in life that we have to strive for better, constantly being compared.  First it was at school, then work, then it was a husband/wife/partner, then it was the “success” of your kids.  Where does it end?  There is never any need to compare your life with anyone else’s life.  Every person is uniquely gifted, has a different life path and comparing only serves to set you up for failure. 


Remember that you can change your life by making different choices.  Set your own standards of success, rejoice every success, ignore the nay-sayers and embrace the unique greatness of you. 


Where do you even begin with this? 


Make a list of all your achievements not matter how small.  It is often easier to see and acknowledge the greatness in others, so imagine looking at your life as if it was someone else’s.  Which qualities do you admire?  What are the achievements or successes you would celebrate?  How would you inspire them to believe in their great qualities?  


Ask family and friends what they admire about you.  You will be surprised at some of the responses!  The very things you may not like about yourself may be your very best qualities to others.  Use them to your advantage!  Find ways of having fun with these qualities, even if it feels silly at first.


Step 2: Do what brings you joy, happiness and is fun for you. 

Remember to take care of you and have an adventure in the process!  Once you have taken care of yourself, you have more energy, creativity, motivation, ideas, inspiration, are better equipped and able to contribute to what is important to you.  Whether that is through the big project at work or exam at school, just to name a couple of examples.


Sounds simple enough, but how many times have you put something you enjoy on hold because of “priorities” at work, school, life circumstances or any other reason (or excuse!)?  So many of us put our happiness, joy and fun on the lower end of the priority list, while focusing on the “distractions”.  Why?  We have become so accustomed (and greatly talented) at getting caught up in the distractions of day to day routine, worries, business, fears and anxieties that we have very little or no time to do anything fun or joyful for ourselves.


How can you change this?


Schedule in some fun time just for you.  Do something that brings your joy.  Even with a busy schedule, always remember to take time out for you, this is self-care.  Have lunch with a good friend, read a book, take a walk in the park, go to the gym, learn a new skill, have a relaxing bath or plan a holiday.  The list is endless.  Do any of the things that brings you joy; all these little moments make the best memories.


Step 3: Love yourself, warts and all! 

This is the most important step of all.  Surround yourself with your cheerleaders, the people who love and support you no matter what.  The ones who contribute to your life and uplift you. 

Sounds obvious, right?  Yet you would be surprised at how many people from all walks of life struggle with this.  Yes, and that includes the very people who you look up to or are inspired by!

However, we are often our very own spectacularly judgemental critics and we do a fantastic job too!  We judge ourselves for every little thing.  We judge the way we look, what we expect to have achieved in our lives at milestones we set ourselves, how quickly we learn, our successes, our failures, goodness the list goes on and on. 


Why in the world do we do this?  Fundamentally, we all just wanted to be accepted, loved and appreciated.


What if I told you that when you love yourself, you have already received all the acceptance, love and appreciation you have been looking for your entire life?  Mind blowing, huh?  How does that even work? 


Well, when you are no longer distracted with looking for acceptance, love and appreciation from others, you have the freedom to be your true authentic self and more time, energy and space to focus and create what you desire in your life.


So, how can this be achieved?


Well, the easiest and quickest way to do this is to live your life as if today is your last day here on Earth.  Sounds crazy, but it will put things into perspective.  Who is important to you?  What brings you joy and happiness?  What do you enjoy doing?  These are just a couple of questions to consider.

Let’s face it, we all know that person who loves a dramatic life and love dragging everyone into their drama.  They thrive on creating storms in their own lives and anyone who crosses their path just so they do not have to be alone in their misery.  If this was your last day on earth, ask yourself, is this drama important to your life?  No?  Then, surround yourself with your cheerleaders, the people who love and support you no matter what.  The ones, who contribute to your life, uplift your mood just by being themselves and the ones who value and appreciate you.


Try using your spectacularly judgemental critical skills as self-reflective tools.  Rather than focusing on the negative, focus on the ‘silver lining’ of the situation.  For example, rather than affirming “I am stupid because I made a mistake which is going to cost time, effort and money.  Everyone thinks I’m stupid.  I hate myself” try, “Wow that was an interesting experience.  What did I learn here?   What could I have done better?  What actually worked out well here?”.  In doing this, you are learning to love every aspect of yourself by focusing on the great opportunities, learning and skills that you have acquired as a results of that situation.  In addition, you realise what is important and what (or even who) is no longer important in your life.