I Want, I Want, I Want!

Do you find yourself constantly saying “I want”?  Do you truly know exactly what you would like to have in your life right now?  What it would look, feel, taste, smell, be like to have this in your life? If you were to list your ‘wants’, you would have crystal clear clarity of what you would like to have in your life? 

Or is it just a long list of wants…

I want a loving relationship

 I want a good job/career

I want good friends

I want a loving family

I want the good grades

I want to be loved/accepted

Do your wants translate into reality or are you just left wanting?


Did you know that the term ‘want’ originated from the noun Old Norse vant, neuter of vanr which means ‘lacking’; the verb from Old Norse vanta meaning to ‘be lacking’?  In every variation ‘want’ simply means ‘lack’.

So every time you say ‘I want…’ you are actually saying ‘I lack…’!

Now you might be wondering “what’s the big deal?” right?  Dentitions of words evolve as does the language we use, definitions change, big deal?  Well it is a big deal!   


Our words have such power they can be empowering or destroying.  You might have heard the saying ‘if you say it enough times you will start believing it’, which is why reciting positive affirmations can be a powerful tool. 

Conversely, victims of abuse, for example, are often repeatedly told that they are bad, not good enough, it’s their fault for the perpetuator’s abuse until they begin to believe it to be true.  Their sprits are broken so they no longer are able to discern between what they have been repeatedly told and what the truth is. 


This also explains why you are left wanting and everything that you ‘want’ never seems to fall within your reach!

We already know that our thoughts are important to our mental wellbeing.  However, when we verbalise our thoughts with words we provide them with more energy and focus.  As the universe is always listening, these words serve as the catalyst to manifest (or create) what we say into our reality and life.   


Have you ever noticed that the people around you who have plenty of abundance never use the word ‘want’?  The word ‘want’ isn’t even part of their vocabulary!  Instead they focus on “having”, “seeking” or asking questions on how they can obtain their desires.  Imagine what YOUR life could be like if you gave up the word “want” and replaced it with “I will have...” or asking a question such as “what are the possiblities here?”. 

Our thoughts, beliefs and actions create the life we are living.  So it isn’t enough to just change the way you think and speak but to also take inspired action.  It would be absolutely no good making all these changes and expecting to land that dream job you have been looking for if you don’t do anyhthing about it. You must take action and follow it through!

So write your CV and cover letter or submit an application from! You may even have to turn up for the interview and then accept the job offer! 

When you understand and apply this to your daily life, you can completely transform your life.


Just for fun, drop the word ‘want’ from your vocabulary and start using questions even if you do not know what the answer is.  By asking a question, you may open up the door to other possibilities you may have never considered before. 

Make a note of any changes, what worked out well?  You might even be surprised what happens! 

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Sharadeep Bhogal